• "I was sold the first time I saw Rhino, I knew my team would love it"

    Owner, National Packaging Company*

Productivity Focus

Improve sales process efficiency and create more time to sell!

Productivity Focus

So much management time is wasted in the day to day communication and retrieval of sales information that sales personnel become more administration than customer focused!

The Sales Process is the lifeblood of all commercial enterprises. Paper based sales systems are labour intensive, cumbersome, time-consuming and are vulnerable to delays in critical data reporting and loss of data leading to lost sales and revenue through poor management or human error

Developed here in Australia by Forte, ‘Rhino’ is Forte’s flagship sales CRM automation product.

Rhino streamlines the business sales process to eliminate user pain points and build visibility and increase accountability. We improve ROI and grow sales faster.

Rhino provides

  • Easily accessible and up to date customer data and selling tools
  • Timely and accurate sharing of selling objectives and call results
  • User defined real time reporting functionality to allow prompt decision making